9 Secret UFO Bases Other Than Area 51

Fatalities could be involved because their gaze has fallen on the United States’ infamous top-secret military base. Area.

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ON TV: Area 51 Declassified premieres on the National Geographic Channel on Saturday, May 28, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. No word yet on alien. top secret U.S. military projects in the remote Nevada.

Area 51: what do we know about the mysterious american military base? – One of the greatest unanswered questions of our lives is: do aliens exist? In the United States, one military base is the subject of more conspiracy theories than anywhere else: area 51. This is because, for decades, its existence was kept secret.

‘IT’S NOT area 51′: real US ‘secret base for hiding UFOs’ is REVEALED CRASHED flying saucers and dead aliens are NOT being stored at the top-secret US Airforce base Area 51, a top UFO expert has.

#7 Saddam’s Area 51. Word around conspiracy sites has it that former dictator Saddam Hussein was in cahoots with aliens. Or at least managed to grab some of their technology from a crashed (unearthed, as some would say) UFO. This alleged secret area was located somewhere in the upper valley of the Little Zab River, near a town called Zarzi.

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Universe Today. Space and astronomy news. Personally I don’t believe in E.T.U.F.O.s other than meteors or comets and terrestrial ufo sightings near bases such as Area 51 are obviously secret.

But that won’t stop nearly 300,000 alien enthusiasts from gathering in Amargosa Valley, Nevada, with plans to invade.

Area 51 has since become a popular symbol for the U.S. government Alien / UFO cover-up. Area 51 is supposedly where recovered alien spacecraft are being tested and reversed-engineered to learn how they work. S-4 S-4 is a parcel of land that is a part of Area 51. The most secret research actually takes place there. Or so we’ve been told. Secret

You know Area 51, but just what in the world is Area 6?. is easily overshadowed by the world’s most famous secret military base, Area 51, a dozen miles northeast.. Other than a few.

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