Big Changes (and Money) Coming to Colorado’s Marijuana Industry

Big Changes (and Money) Coming to Colorado's Marijuana Industry – Colorado’s marijuana industry is set to undergo some pretty big changes. The new governor, Jared Polis, supports home delivery and improving investment potential. Colorado’s marijuana industry was valued at $1.5-billion in 2018, but new investment opportunities could increase that exponentially for 2019 and beyond.

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For pot shops with cash and no access to banks, entrepreneurs get creative with marijuana industry – But big. Industry members are calling for a federal solution, either through removing marijuana from the Schedule I drug list or approving legislation that opens traditional banking services to.

Changes Coming in 2017 to Colorado's Marijuana Industry that. – Changes Coming in 2017 to Colorado’s Marijuana Industry that Marijuana Retailers Need to Know About By Green Bits There’s been a lot of confusion surrounding Initiative 300 along with the new packaging regulations.

What Changes to Expect in the Cannabis Industry in 2019 – There is even the potential for a bill that would help legalize some aspects of the cannabis industry on the federal level. With that said, 2019 is looking to be a positive year throughout many cannabis-growing communities. Here is a closer look at what to expect in 2019 for cannabis. Colorado – Change is Coming The first significant change.

Colorado Governor Signs Bills To Allow Marijuana Home Delivery And Tasting Rooms – Marijuana Moment

Polis signs into law bills on marijuana delivery, social use. – Laws signed by Colorado’s governor could bring big changes to the state’s marijuana industry, including the creation of businesses where people can consume cannabis and companies that deliver marijuana products.. The changes don’t take effect immediately. Voters in a city or county must first approve of allowing both new varieties of marijuana businesses.

Colorado's Marijuana Laws Are About to Change – Here's How – Changes to Colorado’s cannabis industry are on the horizon. The marijuana enforcement division has been holding meetings for industry stakeholders and government officials in order to iron out the details of recently passed laws and new regulations, and the public is encouraged to attend those meetings and provide input.

Colorado's Marijuana Legalization Rollout is a Success – Colorado’s Marijuana Legalization Rollout is a Success. and industry actors are facing a big change with very little experience, it poses tremendous risks of failure.. but in the case of.

How big business will make billions on the legalization of pot – Medical marijuana dispensaries, online seed sellers, head shops selling drug paraphernalia, sellers of hydroponic equipment and so-called vapour lounges where customers are welcome to smoke their own.

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Big Changes Coming to California's Cannabis Industry – While many California residents were originally happy when Proposition 64, "The Adult Use of Marijuana Act," passed back in November, many medical patients are now left questioning how the upcoming changes to California’s legal cannabis industry are going to affect their treatment plan..