Chris Watts admitted to killing pregnant wife and daughters. Then he got love letters

“Greetings from New York, Chris!” a Brooklyn-based woman wrote to Christopher Watts on Aug. 23, days after he admitted to murdering his pregnant wife and young daughters. author of “Women Who Love.

Convicted killer chris watts reportedly confessed details about the murders of his wife and two Watts reportedly strangled his wife in their bedroom after a fight in which he purportedly admitted to Watts then allegedly loaded his wife’s body into the car along with his two daughters, who were still.

Chris Watts' Alleged Ex-Lover Says He May Visit Him in Prison  · Chris Watts, the colorado man serving three life sentences for the brutal murder of his wife and two young daughters claims to have had a religious conversion behind bars and is now an evangelical Christian. Murderers David Berkowitz, Jeffrey Dahmer and Karla Faye Tucker also claimed to have found or rediscovered God after being incarcerated.

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The Watts family homicides occurred on the early morning of August 13, 2018, in Frederick, Colorado. While being interviewed by police, Christopher Lee Watts (born May 16, 1985).

Chris Watts Told Police His Wife Shanann Killed Their Daughters: Affidavit. A Colorado man accused of killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters told police he strangled his wife in a Investigators allowed him to talk with his father, and Chris Watts then confessed to killing Shanann.

Chris Watts pleaded guilty in the deaths of his wife and young daughters. The girlfriend of a Colorado man who pleaded guilty to killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters has spoken publicly about the affair for the first time.

Just weeks before he killed his pregnant wife and two young daughters with his bare hands, Chris Watts was trying to figure out how to tell his mistress that he loved her. The fact that Watts Googled.

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Watch Chris Watts Get Handcuffed by Police After Killing Pregnant Wife and 2 Daughters. A newly-released video shows the moment when authorities arrested Chris Watts two days after he murdered his pregnant wife and the couple’s two daughters.

He told her that their marriage wasn’t going to last and that he didn’t love her. Shanann told Watts that he would never see the kids again, he told investigators. watts then strangled his pregnant.