Colorado’s ‘Red Flag’ Gun Measure Raises Concerns

His assurances did little to mute opposition to the measure in Colorado, where a political structure increasingly dominated by Democrats has repeatedly clashed with the state’s entrenched hunting and.

Stage set for new gun debate as updated red flag bill is filed Last Updated by Brittany Freeman on The Colorado General Assembly will consider a new red flag measure to create a legal method to remove firearms from people deemed to be an extreme risk to themselves or others.

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2018 Statehouse Republicans reject Colorado “red flag” gun bill, citing due process and other rights concerns May 6, 2018 Gun control hasn’t worked for Democrats in Colorado’s battleground.

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Colorado’s red flag gun measure is raising red flags of its own. The law is designed to allow family members or law enforcement to petition courts to temporarily take guns away from people deemed a threat to themselves or others. More than a dozen other states already have so-called red flag gun laws on the books.

A bipartisan group of House leaders in Colorado have introduced a red-flag bill that would allow law enforcement. takes his or her life or the lives of others. The ACLU has raised its concerns with.

Colorado became the 15th state on Friday to adopt a “red flag” gun law. and has led to renewed efforts from gun-rights activists to recall Democrats who supported the measure. In a fiery and.

Colorado’s House has given preliminary approval to the most controversial gun legislation of the 2018 session: the so-called "red flag" bill, House Bill 1436. His sponsorship of the measure, along.

CNN summarized his position in its headline: "This Colorado Sheriff Is Willing to Go to Jail Rather Than Enforce a Proposed Gun Law." Why have journalists. and with other red flag laws. They exist.

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Grassroots campaigns to place a measure on. new laws as having Colorado participate in the National Popular Vote, passing a red flag bill that would allow judges to issue court orders to take.

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Red flag bill heads to Colorado Gov. Jared Polis’ desk, but sheriffs’ concerns linger over gun confiscation. Weld and Larimer county sheriffs opposed the bill but differed on how far they’d go if.