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Bungie’s space shooter Destiny is getting a new expansion, and according to a leak online it will be called Rise of Iron. As reported by Kotaku (via Reddit), a photo was posted online of a poster that revealed the new expansion’s title.

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The only thing I can think of is that Destiny 2 will be play anywhere but using that will prevent cross-saves on PS4, which would basically allow them to keep it all in the Microsoft family. Kind of a dick move for anyone wanting Xbox and PS4 cross-saves though.

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Destiny 2 Pre-E3 Leak Says New Shadowkeep Expansion Goes Back To The Moon Games The final content expansion of Destiny 2’s current annual pass, Penumbra, drops today along with the Season of Opulence, which means the future of Bungie’s live service shooter is currently unknown to players.

The expansion will take players back to the moon, a Destiny 1 location that hasn’t been included in Destiny 2 so far, where they’ll fight new variations of the Hive.

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Destiny 2. Destiny 2 Leak Mentions Next Expansion Goes Back To The Moon – GS News Update. GameSpot – Lily Zaldivar. The latest update to Destiny 2 might have some secrets tied to the next season expansion Dataminers have started digging through the game’s new patch to discover details of Destiny 2’s next expansion.