Florida homeowners warned not to feed three-legged bear

Colder in the winter than Florida but not brutal and the sun always comes out at some point. Definitely way way less heat and humidity than Florida. It does snow and ice occasionally in the winter, but then everything pretty much shuts down and you just stay home for a day and then all melts.

According to WFTS, Mary Musselman of Sebring, Florida, was first warned back in November not to feed black bears roaming her neighborhood. Despite giving her educational videos, officers caught.

Secure Human Food Sources -Inform all residents that they must not feed wild animals of any kind, nor engage in conduct that attracts wild animals into the community. This includes leaving food waste in containers or areas that are accessible to wild animals, and allowing wild animals to access food waste, pet food, bar-b-que grills, refrigerators, or freezers in garages, or on porches or patios.

Feed wild animals, face a fine in Florida. Think again, say state and local officials. In fact, doing so now can land you in jail thanks to a law passed recently, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Intentionally feeding bears, raccoons, foxes and sandhill cranes became illegal as of May 13, FWC stated.

After killing two innocent black bears, the state wildlife agency admits they could have done things differently.

TAMPA (FOX 13) – Residents of one Tampa neighborhood got quite a sight Tuesday morning, when a black bear decided to take a rest in a tree along a residential road. The bear took up temporary residence in a tree near the intersection of East Linebaugh Avenue and north 46th street, close to Busch Gardens and Adventure Island.

Wildlife experts said most of the bear’s natural diet is berries and nuts. If those things are plentiful, it’s food the bear doesn’t have to chase. Their warning is don’t take pity on the bear because it’s missing part of a leg.

As human populations grow and natural habitats shrink, it is increasingly likely that bears may injure people and/or damage their property. ordinary care. generally, an owner of land does not have an obligation to warn others about the dangers of animals in their natural habitat, or protect others from wild animal attacks.

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