Letters: Trump’s tax returns; oil and gas impacts (5/18/19)

Trump Puts Forth Proposal to Open Alaskan Refuge to Oil and. – The Trump administration on Thursday put forward a draft proposal to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas exploration while at the same time protecting the region’s iconic.

Golden Geese : This Alone Should Make All Americans Say. –  · The prince said: "Our country is facing a threat with the continuation of its near-complete reliance on oil, especially as 92% of the budget for this year depends on oil.

What Trump’s Tax Plan Means for You – herbein.com – The estate tax would vanish. The 40% tax currently applies to a $5.5 million inheritance for individuals and $11 million for married couples. The so-called Obamacare tax would also vanish. This is a 3.8% tax on the interest, dividends and capital gains of higher income households that.

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Murray benefits big league under Perry grid plan – The House bill’s elimination of a tax on “foreign base company oil related income” received relatively. market-based policy” to address greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector..

energy tax hike series: marginal Well Tax Credit Repeal. – Energy Tax Hike Series: Marginal Well Tax Credit Repeal . Posted by Chris Prandoni on Tuesday, calls for a full repeal of the tax credit for oil and gas produced from marginal wells.. "I would be going about eliminating Donald Trump’s tax cut for the wealthy," Biden said on the debate stage.

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Trump’s War on the Environment Is a Civil Rights Emergency – The Trump administration’s dismantling of environmental regulations has intensified a growing civil rights battle over the deadly burden of pollution on minorities and low-income people. “The.

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How the Loss Limitation Rules Impact Deductibility for. – Individuals who have invested in such ventures often have limited knowledge of the proper handling of these losses for tax purposes, and are often disappointed when facing taxes due rather than immediate deductions. In some cases, the form of the business could have been rearranged to change the tax impact of these tax losses.

From Buffett to Small-Cap Stocks, the Impact of Trump’s. –  · President Donald Trump unveiled a proposal to cut corporate taxes and reduce the top tax rate on pass-through businesses, including many owner-operated companies, to 15% from 39.6%.

Trump administration plans to allow drilling off all U.S. waters – Trump administration plans to allow drilling off all U.S. waters. in the Gulf of Mexico to companies wanting to purchase federal oil and gas. files lawsuit for donald trump tax returns.

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