Maine Senate moves to award electoral votes to popular vote winner

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Oregon Passes Bill To Award All Presidential Electoral Votes. – In 48 states as well as the District of Columbia, the candidate who receives the most votes during the election receives all of that state’s electoral votes. In Maine and Nebraska, they forgo the winner-take-all approach and distribute electoral votes among candidates, factoring in their state’s popular vote numbers.

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Maine Moves Towards Joining Popular Vote Pact –  · ”The Maine Senate voted 19-16 Tuesday to join the national popular vote interstate compact, which would give all committed states’ electoral votes to the winning popular vote candidate should the group accrue the 270 votes necessary for a majority.” “Maine is currently one of two states, along with Nebraska, that splits its electoral college votes instead of adhering to the winner-takes-all.

11 States Pledge Electoral College Votes to Popular Vote. – Now, 11 states have pledged to give all of their Electoral College votes to the candidate the winner of the national popular vote, ensuring that something like the 2016 election never happens again.

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Maine Election Results – – Nebraska and Maine, however, award one electoral vote for each congressional district, plus two for the statewide winner. What to Watch While Mitt Romney has an outside shot of winning one electoral vote in Maine (in the 2nd congressional district), the state’s three-way open-seat Senate.

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact – Wikipedia – Mechanism. As a result, the winner of the national popular vote would always win the presidency by always securing a majority of votes in the Electoral College. Until the compact’s conditions are met, all states award electoral votes in their current manner.

Maine & Nebraska – FairVote – Maine and Nebraska both use an alternative method of distributing their electoral votes, called the Congressional District Method. Currently, these two states are the only two in the union that diverge from the traditional winner-take-all method of electoral vote allocation.

Oregon set to become 15th state to award all its Electoral College votes to popular vote winner – Oregon is on course to become the 15th US state to pledge all its Electoral College votes to the winner of the popular vote in presidential elections. The state senate passed a bill. will now move.


A top election analyst outlined a very plausible nightmare scenario for Democrats in 2020 – President donald trump won the electoral college despite losing the popular. electoral votes on a "winner take all" basis,

Region senator wants Indiana’s presidential electoral. – But Trump claimed 304 electoral votes, and became president, thanks to narrow victories in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida. The popular vote winner also lost the presidential.