Survey Says… This Is Your State’s Favorite Brew

Craft beer. your way. Right now, you can only enjoy some of your favorite drinks at the breweries you frequent. But that could soon change. A bill to let you finally be able to buy those drinks to.

Make sure to check out earlier stories on beer and. Gipper’s favorite sweet, like his home state of California, is firmly in Democratic territory. Of course, at the end of the day, what kind of.

to your inbox. that was extremely effective,” says Kueng. Indeed, beer sales dropped by 29 percent, wine sales dropped by 63 percent, and vodka sales dropped by 60 percent. However, just as in the.

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The survey included 5,249 drinkers over the age of 21 from all 50 states and DC.. participants from each state who said they preferred to drink beer chose their top brew from a list of 18.

“Coffee brewing is a science and an art, and is easy to mess up,” says Erin McCarthy, a barista with counter culture coffee, and the 2013 world brewers cup champion.

One big mistake you’re likely making when you brew coffee – and the easy solution. according to a survey released last year — and of those, about 80% said they drank it at home. But.

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