Video captures funnel cloud seen over Cedar City

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And as never seen before in California. overwhelmed Stoke was awful. Several videos included in the Green Sheet show a terrifying, huge funnel dwarfing houses and fields as it shoves its swirling,

While a tornado essentially forms from top down, as the mesocyclone inside the cloud produces the wall cloud, and the funnel cloud reaches down from there to the ground, a landspout forms more.

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A ball of lightning "exploded" and crackled in the sky over Cedar Park, Texas, early in the morning on April 18.. – City of Orange Beach (@cityorangebeach). Footage and videos posted on.

The Salt Lake City branch of the National Weather Service 1 has suggested it looks like a transitory funnel – never touched the ground.. A funnel cloud has been captured on camera in Cedar City, Utah – see in the photo below.

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Tag: funnel cloud. Cedar City News. Video captures funnel cloud seen over cedar city. apr 26th, 2019 . 0 . St George News.. Funnel cloud sighted over Bryce Canyon. May 26th, 2015

Video captures funnel cloud seen over Cedar City April 25, 2019 Utah Channel 3. CEDAR CITY – In the midst of a somewhat tempestuous afternoon of weather Thursday in parts of Southern Utah, a small funnel cloud was spotted over Cedar City.