Wells Fargo: 2-for-1 Club Level Tickets For Colorado Rockies – Mile High on the Cheap

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silveralert sep 28, 2013. Theoretically, these are great seats to view the whole field–however, the gradual slope of this section means you will have lots of bobbing heads blocking your view.

U usually go for the rock pile seats, they are not good seats, but they are incredibly cheap 😉 ($4) The stadium is fun to wonder around, and you can stand and watch the game from various points on your walk around. If you have a Wells Fargo bank account, they also offer 50% off of club level tickets.

Wells Fargo Club seats – Coors Field. United States ; Colorado (CO) Denver ;. great seats behind home plate the upper deck base line baseball fan ballpark food rockies fans major league home run club level rooftop bar cheap seats .. get tickets in the "rockpile". Outfield bleacher seats.

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The Official Site of the colorado rockies.. rockies rookies Kids Club Dinger. Below is a list of eligible games for the Wells Fargo 2-for-1 offer. Please note the price at checkout reflects the 2-for-1 promotion (i.e. 50% off).

Wells Fargo Club – Wells Fargo Club seating is located on the second tier of Coors Field and runs from the first base side through the third base side (sections 214-227. Infiniti Cub – The most impressive and desirable seats at a Rockies game are located behind home plate in the Infiniti Club.

Wells Fargo Center is a 52-story Class A office tower commanding an iconic presence on the Denver skyline. The tower is known for its distinctive double-curved.

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