Why Are Methadone Patients Still Being Punished for Marijuana Use?

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marijuana is now being used to ease the symptoms of methadone withdrawal as patients are going through the detoxification process. Although it does not alleviate all withdrawal symptoms, it makes the process much easier on patients and medical staff alike.

The national addiction crisis has led to a crackdown on physician prescribing abilities for opioids. Frontline physicians and clinical leaders are torn between wanting to prevent addiction and wanting to treat chronic pain.

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Methadone patients use nicotine and alcohol without sanctions, yet the same still doesn’t apply to state-legal marijuana. And this after many methadone patients, according to Beckley, moved to Colorado specifically for the marijuana.

I am legally on methadone for back pain and smoke Marijuana several times daily with it. Marijuana has no ill effects with it. Methadone is extremely habit forming and can cause some quite nasty withdrawals if you take it more than a week and then stop taking it cold turkey – also not recommended.

Noting that patients in addiction or pain treatment with opioids are often required to sign contracts about appropriate medication use and to. regularly and being at risk of being thrown out of.

In accordance with federal law, SAMHSA still views marijuana as an illicit drug in all OTPs, regardless of the state they operate in. This means SAMHSA, as a federal agency, does not accept medical marijuana or recreational marijuana. As for drug testing, however, marijuana testing is required only at admission.

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Methadone is a synthetic opiate therefore is different from heroine, codeine, etc. In any drug test – be it an FBI type or the cheapest dipstick test sold at the local pharmacy – methadone is a separate category. In other words if someone had taken methadone ONLY and NOT heroine or any other legal or illegal opiate that person should come up clean for opiates as well, obviously, as cocaine.

This means that if an addict uses heroin while in methadone treatment, he or she will experience little to no effect from the heroin. However, methadone does not block the intoxicating effects of non-opiate drugs (sedatives, tranquilizers, stimulants, alcohol, etc.). That is why some patients may die of an overdose.

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