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Silicon Valley has already upended the way we hail a cab and order takeout, they argue. Why not improve a transaction that even well-educated professionals find intimidating? "You should be able to sell a home within a handful of clicks," said Eric Wu, Opendoor’s chief executive. But houses are not taxicabs.

You can be gay, intern in the Obama White House, work on Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, and serve as the silicon valley fundraising director for the Clinton presidential campaign in 2016.

In Silicon Valley, where real estate is scarce and high-paying jobs abundant, homes famously sell for over asking, so it’s interesting that the price on this one has dropped so dramatically. The house at 27500 La Vida Real first went on the market with a big splash for $88 million in November 2015.

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A quick and dirty example on how to lower your tax bill without reducing your income. Buy your favorite asset class, real estate. In the suburbs of Denver if you put 20% down on a $400,000 house and rent it out, you will have cash flow of approximately +$400/month, or $4800 for the year.

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Most sales still begin with a real estate agent (and a 6 percent commission). Most still end in an office, with the two sides signing page after page of legalese. Silicon Valley. “You should be.